The Bigger Picture

Moray Speyside is a fantastic place to live, with many vibrant towns and villages dotted along the stunning coastline. Sadly, in recent times, small businesses have found themselves struggling with higher costs and staff shortages, and some have had no choice but to close their doors. 

One business closing may not have a big impact, but when you see our high street shops, banks and community services closing, it starts to highlight the need for action.

Forres High Street, Moray, Scotland

We can do something about it! suggests, if every adult in the UK spent just five pounds per week in their local independent shops and businesses, instead of at the supermarket or with huge multinationals, it would be worth £13.5 billion going directly back into our towns. 

What a massive difference to your local economy! Data research has shown, by shopping locally, the money will stay local for longer, support local jobs and keep the strength in the towns.

The benefits Speyside Socks see to shopping locally are:

  • Convenience
  • Lower carbon footprint – better for the environment
  • Supports local businesses – invests in the community
  • Helps create demand for local jobs
  • Likely to find more sustainably sourced quality products
  • More chance of finding something ‘a little bit different’
  • The opportunity to make more thoughtful purchases

The challenge for Speyside Socks is to ‘keep it local’. ALL of our socks are knitted in Forres, Moray, Speyside. We use local businesses for packaging, transport, and postal services. Supporting local manufacturers and using local services contributes to keeping our towns vibrant – not to mention the ‘feel good’ factor of buying local.

Sue Elton, Founder of Speyside Socks.